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Here at the MutMarket, a lot of people ask if they can sponsor us, unfortunately we cannot pay everyone upfront for sponsorships.

Therefore we decided to create an affiliate program, and this is how it works.


Firstly you head over to: https://themutmarket.refersion.com

Sign up, once you sign up you should see this dashboard:

This is your dashboard, as you can see on the left hand side, there's a link, this link is personalised for you, it has a unique reference code in the URL. This URL is the URL you give to people, or share on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube. This URL helps us and you track how many sales you get, each sale that is made via this URL is recorded and you will receive 10% of. 

For example if one person uses your link and orders $75 worth of coins, you get $7.50, if another or the same person then orders again $40 worth of coins, you get $4. We pay out via Paypal, you can add your Paypal to your dashboard in the settings page.


So to conclude, you get paid for promoting our website , and anyone can do it, no need to even contact us, although if you do have issues you can email us at support@themutmarket.com


If you want to access the dashboard/sign in to check your sales head here: https://themutmarket.refersion.com/affiliate/

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